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Fresh4Kids Chilean grapes are sourced from our quality growing partners in Copiapo, Aconcagua Valley and the Rancagua Region. Chile is the largest exporter of table grapes in the world and are experts in producing the best tasting grapes. You can find Fresh4Kids Chilean grapes from January through to May.

The geographic location of Chile along with the broken topography, mountains and the ocean make it perfect for growing grapes. The Rancagua Region is Chile’s largest producer of fresh fruit. The region features wide valleys which are impacted by regular high pressure systems along the Pacific Coast, providing more rainfall per year than other areas. Aconcagua Valley is named after the mountain making up its Eastern border. The mountain gives fresh water and shade to the region and protects it from hot winds, making for perfect grape growing conditions. The Copiapo region has a dry climate and varying temperature differences, making the grapes bright in colour and very sweet in flavour.

We are proud of the many quality growers that we work with around the globe to bring you Fresh4Kids grapes.