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Fresh4Kids Australian grapes are sourced from our quality growing partners in the Robinvale Region of North West Victoria. Australia has the perfect environment for growing table grapes, with warm, dry Summers and deep, rich soils. You can find Fresh4Kids Australian grapes from January through to May.

Historical records show that grapes were first introduced into Australia by Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788, when a small vineyard of grapes was planted in New South Wales from cuttings originating from South America and South Africa. Australia’s geographical spread of vineyards allows for fresh, sweet tables grapes to be available ​January through to May, with an average of 120,000 tonnes of grapes being produced annually. Australian growers are committed to consistently producing sweet, plump, juicy grapes that are uniform in both colour and size.

We are proud of the many quality growers that we work with around the globe to bring you Fresh4Kids grapes.